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World of Warcraft

Look, I loved this game.  There is a feature whereby you can see how many hours you have spent playing on an individual character and I stopped looking when I saw days become weeks, and then months.  I played for about five years, more or less.  I started during BC not vanilla, and loved Wrath and Crusade…it was the expansion into Pandaria that started to turn me off, and the second Pandarian expansion just shut me out..I wasn’t gonna pay to play something that had become untenable for me.

I am a girl, actually I am a woman, meaning I am not a kid ( lots of girls play WOW, although the majority of players are young boys, and men. )   I am a single parent and started enjoying role-playing games with a copy a Diablo,  that a friend gave my son. making WOW characters  (or toons as I call them).  My barbarian, Mommabyatch, was the first of of either of aour toons to take down Diablo 1 and 2.  Anyway, the point is that I tend to play solo, though I have enjoyed the company of a close guild (Hail Wynterknights), and have made lots on on-line friends.  I have even had a few on-line boyfriends, many of whom were married men, so I won’t mention any names.

Again, getting back to the point…while I loved this game and will never regret the many hours I played, I did stop playing and will tell you why.  Money and Real Friend.   I really didn’t like the Pandarian expansion.  As I said, I tend to play solo, that is I would quest alone and then join others for dungeons and raids.  I liked that. I did a lot of dailies to win special mounts and pets and such.  So my questing, and daily play was fun time for me.  I liked to make new characters and level them, I think when I stopped I had at least 8 level 90s and had maxed out the number of toons one account could hold.  I had toons on multiple realms and played mainly Alliance for my first few years. Teaguen, a druid raid-healer was my main.  A favorite guild was split up by the guild master for reasons of her own and I had problems finding a happy guild fit after that.   Good guild masters and raid leaders are hard to find.

I started playing more solo and and used the game as a basic end-of-day relaxation.  I always told my judgmental family that at least I was doing something active in the hours that they would just passively sit and watch TV.  The point is that Real Friend allowed people to find me playing, after I’d told them I was going to sleep.  LOL, busted.  I did eventually fall in love with a goblin shaman I had built and started playing exclusively horde.  I had many level 80 alliance buy only my horde toons made it to 90 before I quit playing.

So Real friend was one reason I quit but paying for the second Pandaria expansion was where I drew the line.  I’d enjoyed play until Pandaria because suddenly one had to do dailies just to get the gear necessary to get into dungeons and raids.  I wouldn’t have minded so much if the dailies were simple tasks a lowly undead druid girl could pull off quickly, but they weren’t.  For the first time I found myself asking in guild for help on basic dailies.  I mean I never minded asking for help occasionally on some rare or really challenging MOB, but the Pandarian daily quests had me asking for  help too much and so I started ‘gardening”  lol.   By the time I started raiding though the raidfinder feature, I still hadnt finished the Isle of Whatever quests.  Neither my shammy troll or my druid could pull them off alone.  When the expansion came out changes to they system made it so you couldn’t play unless you had the expansion so I quit.  I probably would have kept playing and just build up my older toons to that part of the game. But I wasn’t gonna keep paying for product expansion I didn’t like.  Besides my son had quit years ago and thought I should get another hobby.


testing done

So many thoughts that I would like to share…excuse my first post, it was angry.  I never had a blog and this too is just a test.  Let me start by saying that I am not brilliant.  I can barely express a thought most days. So, this blog..whatever a blog is, will just be  for random thoughts.  I am guessing nobody will ever read it so it will be a sort of diary of sort with the chance someone will comment…sort of like a Multi-person-online-game where one has an anonymous character and no one notices you until you have a cast of friends.

Savage Shapes

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Hello world!

So, it always seems that its always the old bait and switch, put me on hold, or just generally piss me off.

So they tell me the web-sites are free then want money,  I waited on hold for a half hour and fwhen I finally got someone and we verified each other my phone dies.  I do lose patience.

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